Keeping The Gift of Thrive East Bay Alive

Dear Friends,

Warm summer greetings!

My name is Gabriela Hylton Garza. I’m honored to serve as the Fire Keeper of the Thrive East Bay Stewardship Circle and as a co-facilitator of our Thriving Life Circle.

When I walked into my first Thrive East Bay event a year and a half ago, I immediately fell head over heels in love with the radiant people, vibrant music, and loving energy. I knew I wanted to get involved, not only to support the development of this unique community, but also to spend quality time with the dynamic leadership teams. They are who I want to become in this world: fiercely passionate, community-oriented, and dedicated to personal and group transformation.

I had been protective of my dreams, fears, and accomplishments, only sharing the intimacies of my life with my mother. I was terrified that if people knew who I really was, they would reject me and no longer share their love. I have come to realize I didn’t know who I was, but with the loving, tender support from the beloved Thrive East Bay community, I have begun to remember my power, my wisdom, and my purpose.

Thrive East Bay has become my home. A place where I feel completely seen, heard, valued, and cherished. A place for me to share my tears, my laughter, my joy, my grief, my love. I never knew people could open their hearts and welcome others into their lives so fully that we have become an incredible family dedicated to authentic connection, endless support, and co-creating a world where everyone is able to thrive.

As we celebrate our 2 year anniversary this month, I would like to invite you to help keep the gift of the Thrive East Bay community alive by making a meaningful financial contribution today.

We heal and transform together. Thank you for supporting this community and helping us spread the love further!

With Deep Appreciation,

Gabriela & all of the Thrive East Bay Team