Thrive Street Choir


Calling the dreamers and resisters longing to show up in our movement in a deeper way. Calling all singers. Calling all drummers. Calling all shy voices who have been waiting to wail until now. Calling all those, who amidst this Great Unraveling, are ready to sing in the Great Turning.

The Thrive Street Choir is being born to sing the music of the revolution. These times are asking us to show up in solidarity, and resistance, in the streets, at the Federal Building, at the airport. There are too many threats to list here, our leaders are wielding the fires of hate, greed and delusion. And so we respond in love and in song.

Have you noticed how important music is in supporting our resistance work? Have you, like so many of us, gravitated towards the music playing when at the Women's March, the People's Climate March? Have you ever wanted to start a chant to get the crowd going, but could not think of the perfect one, or felt intimidated to start it yourself?

Good. Come join the Thrive Street Choir.

Please sign up below, join our Facebook group, and contact our team with any further inquires at