A New Kind Of Community Is Singing Our World Alive

Thrive East Bay is a new kind of community relevant for the 21st century. We bring people together at the intersections of personal and social transformation. Imagine a hybrid of a religious & civic association 2.0: informed by modern science and ancient wisdom, infused with a deep sense of purpose and interconnectedness, inspired by the arts and focused on social change. 


At the center of our events is the music and singing of the Thrive East Bay Choir, who has been called "a heart-opening, soul-stirring source of beauty in our world." Their music is a fusion of gospel, soul, funk, folk, & more - and provides people with an emotionally grounded and hopeful response to the challenges we face in this time.


As the Thrive East Bay community grows and as the Choir is invited to perform more widely, we are ready to invest in our own sound system and to record an EP album so the gift of our music can live on in our daily lives and be shared with wider audiences.


Check out the "Singing Our World Alive" crowdfunding campaign and watch our Short Video to learn more. 


If you’re inspired by their singing and purpose like so many of us, help amplify the power of this music & community by making a contribution and sharing their story with others.


Thanks for your consideration & for your own personal commitment to uplifting our world!


With gratitude,

the Thrive East Bay team