Thrive Street Choir


Calling the dreamers and resisters longing to show up in our movement in a deeper way. Calling all singers. Calling all drummers. Calling all shy voices who have been waiting to wail until now. Calling all those, who amidst this Great Unraveling, are ready to sing in the Great Turning.

The Thrive Street Choir was born to sing the music of the revolution. These times are asking us to show up in solidarity, and resistance, in the streets, at the Federal Building, at the airport. There are too many threats to list here, our leaders are wielding the fires of hate, greed and delusion. And so we respond in love and in song.

Have you noticed how important music is in supporting our resistance work? Have you, like so many of us, gravitated towards the music playing when at the Women's March, the People's Climate March? Have you ever wanted to start a chant to get the crowd going, but could not think of the perfect one, or felt intimidated to start it yourself?

Good. Come join the Thrive Street Choir.

Please sign up below, join our Facebook group, and contact our team with any further inquires at

If you are part of a group organizing a political or social justice action where you would like our choir to support, you can also write to us at 

Llamando a los soñadores y resistores con el anhelo de aparecer en nuestro movimiento de una manera más profunda. Llamando a todos los cantantes. Llamando a todos los tamboreros. Llamando a todas las voces tímidas que han estado esperando hasta ahora. Llamando a todos aquellos que en medio de este Gran Desenredar, están listos para cantar en el Gran Cambio.

El Thrive Street Choir nacio para cantar la música de la revolución. Estos tiempos nos piden que nos presentemos en solidaridad y resistencia en las calles, en el Edificio Federal, en el aeropuerto. Hay demasiadas amenazas para enumerar aquí, nuestros líderes están empuñando los fuegos del odio, la codicia y el engaño. Y entonces respondemos en amor y en canción.

¿Has notado que tan importante es la música para apoyar nuestro trabajo de resistencia? ¿Usted, como muchos de nosotros, gravitó hacia la música que se escucha cuando en la Marcha de las Mujeres, la Marcha del Clima Popular? ¿Alguna vez quisiste comenzar un canto para poner a la multitud en marcha, pero no pudiste pensar en el perfecto, o te sentiste intimidado para comenzarlo tú mismo?

Bueno. Ven y únete al Thrive Street Choir.

Regístrese a continuación, únase a nuestro grupo de Facebook y contacte a nuestro equipo si tiene más preguntas en

Si usted es parte de un grupo que organiza una acción de justicia política o social donde le gustaría que nuestro coro lo apoye, también puede escribirnos a

Bring music and energy to your actions and marches!

Thrive Street Choir takes the power of song to the streets, bringing musical inspiration and energy to protests and actions. We support causes and organizations that are working for a more just, equitable, and loving world. If you are planning a march and/or action and would like someone to mobilize the crowd in collective singing, give us a call!

What is Thrive Street Choir?

Thrive Street Choir is an open community of song leaders, activists and singers that is part of Thrive East Bay, a purpose-driven community focused on personal and social transformation. We support a range of social and environmental justice causes, and have sung at events and groups such as the Idle No More Bay Area, March for our Lives, the Richmond immigration detention center, Reclaiming MLK, Women’s March, and more.

More info can be found at our facebook group, facebook page, and informal songbook.

Why work with us?

We believe that music is a powerful force that mobilizes change, builds community, and strengthens our sense of resilience. We believe that everyone has the ability to bring music to the movement, and want to be a part of making it happen. We hope that by working with you, we will bring additional vitality to your action, attract more singers to your cause, and will empower your activists to sing. We also hope that by working with you, we create a lasting relationship and a growing network of activists looking to support each other.

How to work with us?

We are very eager to build and foster relationships with local organizations focusing on social and environmental justice. If you’re interested in having collective singing at one of your actions, contact us through our email ( or through facebook, and we’ll do what we can to bring song leaders and singers to your event. The sooner we have notice, the sooner we can promote it. Once someone is in touch with you, we can talk more about what specifically you would like, logistics, and song choice.

Please note that we are not a performing group. We facilitate group singing for everyone around. If you are looking for a performing group, contact our performing counterpart, Thrive Choir.

Thrive Street Choir Songbook