Becoming A Member Of Thrive East Bay 


Why Become A Member?

Becoming a member of Thrive East Bay is a way to:

  • Commit to being part of this growing community

  • Contribute your gifts, perspective, resources, and leadership

  • Connect with others who are an active part of the community

  • Co-create a just and flourishing world for all

Membership provides a clear way to support our community financially, spiritually, and organizationally. Many Thrive East Bay members are also actively involved with other community groups and kindred organizations. We deeply honor the commitment and role of our members, along with the friends of our community, and we are committed to ensuring that Thrive East Bay remains open, transparent, and welcoming to all.


What Does Membership involve?


Members affirm the purpose and guiding principles of Thrive East Bay.

Purpose: Thrive East Bay is a community of people committed to transforming our lives, the places we live, and our world.

Guiding Principles:

  • THRIVING LIVES - We support each other in overcoming personal challenges and injustice, and creating lives filled with purpose, joy, and creative expression.

  • LOVE IN ACTION - We let love guide us toward compassion, gratitude, empathy, and community among diverse groups of people.

  • SHARED LEARNING & PRACTICE - We seek to expand our critical awareness and evidenced-based understanding of the world, and to grow together through shared inquiry and transformative practices.

  • SYSTEMIC CHANGE - We unite to build equitable systems where we can flourish as individuals, as communities, and as a planet.



Members of Thrive East Bay make a monthly financial contribution to help support the shared costs of sustaining our community activities.


Members contribute 1 - 2 hours a month (or more) as volunteers, leaders, and creatives helping to make the events and activities of Thrive East Bay possible. We recognize that every person has unique gifts to offer and we support everyone to finding ways to meaningfully contribute to the Thrive East Bay community.


What Are the Benefits of Membership?

  • Active participation in the life and co-creation of Thrive East Bay, a new model of community that is a vital solution to the challenges of our time

  • Discounts on Thrive East Bay and partner workshops, classes, trainings, services, and products.

  • Develop meaningful relationships with others and receive emotional, psychological, spiritual and social support for your life and purpose in the world;

  • Receive special monthly updates on all that is happening within the Thrive East Bay community and with our partners;

  • Participate in an online directory / community board where you can learn about others & their offerings, along with promoting your own services & programs.

  • Starting in 2018, members will have a formal vote in community-led decisions that determine how we operate, our programmatic priorities, and the shaping of our future.

  • Share in leadership roles, collaborating on teams, projects, and community events


How Can I Become A Member?

Take 10 minutes to fill out our online Membership Form. Once your form has been completed, a member of our team will contact you with further details. 


Not Ready To Become A Member? Become A Friend Of Thrive East Bay

Not ready to become a Member? You can also become a Friend of Thrive East Bay by making an ongoing financial commitment and supporting this community more broadly.

Thrive East Bay Friends are individuals who value the . If you’re not ready to be as active and committed as a Member, if you’re not available to participate in Thrive on a regular basis, or if you live elsewhere but still want to support a new kind of community, we welcome your support and partnership.




f you're feeling called to become a member of Thrive East Bay and you have any questions or support needs, please contact us at