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Science & Spirituality Circle

Join us for the next Science & Spirituality Circle next Thursday at 6:30pm. 

Our theme this month is "The Scientific Method" and we'll be exploring how can we use the scientific method to understand spirituality, culture, and the mysteries in our own lives.
The discussion will be facilitated by Duncan Autrey Gillian Curran, a real live math teacher.  

Did you know that science is not a truth but a methodology for understanding the world? Did you know science can't prove anything?

The Scientific Method is a tool to test our ideas about how the world works and to come up with reliable and replicable predictions about what will happen if we act in certain ways. 

To get the conversation started, check out this video to hear Ken Wilber talk about how Science can be used to understand spirituality.  

The scientific method has unlocked untold power for humanity. It can also be a powerful tool for our improving our personal lives and for understand the mysteries of the world around us. Science gives us the ability and responsibility to communicate with others across time and space about what we have learned about the world from our own experiments. It is a shared journey that we’re all on together.

Join us for a lively, intimate, and meaningful conversation about the ongoing journey of understanding ourselves and the world around us.

WHEN: Thursday, Sept 20th

TIME: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

WHERE: 330A 49th Street, Oakland 94609 (Duncan's home)
Enter through the gate on the left and then head upstairs. 
Equally close to Macarthur and Rockridge.

POTLUCK: We'll be sharing in a potluck so please bring a vegetarian or vegan dish/side to share with others if you're able to.

Feel free to invite your friends who love to dive deep into the meaningful questions of our time. 

See you there!

In partnership,
the Thrive East Bay team

The Science & Spirituality Circle an open monthly circle hosted by Thrive East Bay exploring the relationship between science & spirituality and the big questions about Life, meaning, purpose, evolution, wonder, and mystery.

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