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Science & Spirituality Circle

Join us Wednesday, October 4th for our monthly Science & Spirituality Circle as we explore the topic of "Evolutionary Spirituality."

Our conversation this month will look at the topic of evolution in relationship to spirituality, inspired by the work of the author and integral theorist Steve McIntosh. McIntosh points to an idea of evolutionary spirituality that aims to integrate the wisdom of traditional religion, science, and progressive spirituality. Whether one agrees with McIntosh's conclusions or not, they prompt a lively conversation.

In preparation for the circle you're invited to listen to or watch Steve McIntosh's talk about his book The Presence of the Infinite.

The talk is pretty long (45 minutes of talk and 45 minutes of Q&A). If you want to only hear an excerpt, listen to the part about the five spiritual teachings of evolution (beginning at 20:08).  You can read about the book and find excerpts here

When: Wednesday, October 4th

Time: 6:30 - 9:30pm

Where: At a home in Oakland

             Please RSVP to for the address & directions.

Potluck: We'll be sharing in a potluck so please bring a vegetarian or vegan dish/side to share with others if you're able to.

Invite your friends who love to dive deep into the meaningful questions of our time. We'll see you then!

In partnership,
the Thrive East Bay team